Rabu, 11 Januari 2017


Hi guys! Long time no see~

In this post i like to tell you about my holiday, i hope you can enjoy this story.

This is two weeks holiday after we received a class report. Actually my holiday is not a special holiday :( why? because i don't go out of Bandung city or go to a place that far away from my house. My household helper was going to her home so, i had to cleaned my house hufftt...usually i start to mop up my house after dawn prayer and finished in the morning. In addition cleaned my house, i also take care my little brother like played with him. Usually after i was taking care my little brother i can go back to sleep YEEYY!! 

Beside that activities i also spent my holiday to go to the dentist.
Hasil gambar untuk dentist cartoon

My teeth had to use wire and i had to took of four teeth for that and you should know IT SO PAINFUL GUYSSSS!!!! that is so hurt until now but don't worry i strong enough hehe.

Hasil gambar untuk brackets cartoon
That should be me with my teeth that took of and my teeth wire.

Almost everyday i go to the dentist and so bored. Before i use a teeth wire my family, my grandmother and i go to Trans Studio Mall. We were playing, shopping, and ate a delicious seafood in there.

Gambar terkait
I played with my little brother and bought some lego on lego shop.

After we got tired we go back to my grandmother on Margahayu and we stayed in there. In the morning we were shopping to traditional market. We shopping clothes,food, and many more.

This holiday not too happy but i'm so thankful i can relax from many task hehe. Thank you!!

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