Rabu, 01 Februari 2017

My Bestfriend

In this post I want to tell you about someone who is very valuable for me
I’m indebted to her.. guess who?
My neighbor?
My sister?
My brother?
My aunt?
No they are not. Although she is valuable for me, but there is someone who is more valuable then they are , some people that I love.
First, I want to tell my friend since my first day at school until now. She is….
Who is she??
WHY HER?????
Ok, I like to introduce you about her!!
Her name is Welya Putri she was born on Bandung, 25 february 2001. Of course, she will have her birthday soon. She is my best friend since my first day at school. She is friendly, patient and good people although she was talkactive. Iwant to tell you about her because she had lot of help.
When I’m sad I liked to talk to her. She is always listen all my story, everything that makes me happy or make me sad I liked to ask her opinion. By talking to her, I felt calmer than before.
 I tell her this time because she had helped me a few days before. Like this one..


I just remember that Monday, I’ll do the economics exam but there is one thing that scares me. I did not had any economic books that should I learn. I was very confused i should learn from where?. When I ask my other friends to send material for the exam, but no one of them sends me that material. But not with Welya . At night, she would send a photo lesson that I should learn for the exam at the next day. I was very happy at that time, she made me not worry anymore ro the exam at the next day.
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Thank you so much Welya, for all craziness and kindness you gave for me.

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