Rabu, 29 Maret 2017

Hi guys!
In this post I like to tell you about my activities with 32019 on Saturday 25 March 2017.  
So, an event that we did on that day was sports competitions called Dewa Athena. Dewa Athena similar with sports competitions event that usually we did in high school after a week test called "PORAK".

Dewa Athena is not only followed by  32019 but also 32018. This event was held for four days on 25 until 26 March and 1 April until 8 April 2017.

There are many kinds competition  that can be followed in this event such as badminton, soccer, dodgeball, tug of war or as known as tarik tambang, gobak sodor, volleyball, relay race, and basketball. 

On the last Saturday, my class X MIPA 5 has attended several competitions such as basketball, badminton, soccer, volleyball, tarik tambang and relay race. Every class has a jersey clothes that showe the characteristic of that class. For your information,  my class made a jersey clothes a week before the game.
The first competition that we did was badminton this game was followed by 2 women, we competed X MIPA 1. At first the game was followed by Dila and Mia but for some reason, Mia replaced by Upi. We lost at this match.
The second competition that we did was basketball. This game followed by our 5 boy friends. I feel verry happy with this game because it was the only competition that we won on that day we get 20-6 score against X MIPA 3 YEEEEEYYYYYYYY!!!!!
Our next game was relay race this game was followed by Dika, Hilmy, Beta, and Mia. In this game we competed X MIPA 7 but we got lost for some reason.
Our next game was soccer, this games followed by 5 girls. I played at this game at a second round and we competed X MIPA 7 again and we got 5-0 score L.  
At the next game I hope we can won the game. Our next game was tug of war or tarik tambang. I was played at this game too. At this game we competed the X MIPA 7 class again hufft. At first we almost won but unfortunately we got lose again.
Next, we played dodgeball. We competed X MIPA 1 class. This game was followed by 5 girls but we got lose too L
Our next game was volleyball. This game was followed by Yumna, Vian,Mia, Raissa, Khalid, and Andika we competed X MIPA 3. At first we almost won but at the end we got lose again..
The next game was soccer that followed by 10 boy and competed X MIPA 9. Sadly at this game we got lost again and the score was 9-1.
Our last games was badminton that followed by 2 boys. In this last games we got lose too…
Although at that time we most lose at every competition but we still happy and keep fighting for the next Dewa Athena. 

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