Selasa, 28 Februari 2017


2. A bug with polka dots pattern
7. Promise at a marriage
8.  a place where animals, plants, and human live.
9. Use to measure thing (mostly found in school)
12. a place to store documents in computer
13. tourist attraction that contains many animal 
14. Lila and Lula are twins so they have a face that...
15. Something that we breathe
17. weapon at hunger games film 
19. A large primate, similar to monkey
20. Refer a thing
21. something that flows from your eyes
23. Not feeling well
25. bread or cereal ingredients
27. Vehicle used by the military
29. the synonym of get out

1. Verb, when you’re upset
3. A large furry mammal
4. object that can be opened and closed
5. emotions that you feel when Someone you love leave you
6. Exciting
10. Liking in romantic way
11. Probability
13. Black and white striped animal
16. Informal spelling of “night”
18. when you book a taxi, you have to ... Until the taxi came
22. A passage between rows of seats
24. Fluffy cute pet
26. Eat (past)

28. Track, direction

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