Rabu, 28 September 2016


At Saturday's 10th september sports lessons dispensed and replaced by performing arts event that is Megantara. I served as a division decor. Since 05.00 am I was ready with a shower and breakfast heading to Bali Field and arrive at 6:15 o'clock in the morning.

Once there we still have to work decorating division is to attach the mini gate on the stand. Once completed, we directly use Megantara uniform. The first event is the parade at 08.00 followed by students SMA 3 using traditional clothing, children who use animal costumes and some parents. They wandered around the street and line up. After the parade, there was the announcement of the winners of clothing for children. The next event is performances such as band 3, classical music and a few other appearances. There is also a local fashion contest for every class and we send three people to follow. WOW! turned out that one of my classmates Hafiz wins by wearing Papua clothes and received a gift from the mayor congratulation Hafizhh !

At 17.00 pm on distribution division decor stand guard, I was assigned to stand guard Sulawesi and chance people every 15 minutes.
Appearance after maghrib is T'st inspired by the suicide squad of the film. After that there are some of our performances peaked during Changcuters and Ran perform on stage. We were all singing and dancing together. Really very happy and proud to be part of Megantara.

This is our moment on Megantara!

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