Selasa, 06 September 2016

My Profile

Hi everyone!! At here I am going to introduce about myself.   
My name is Diva Balqis Azzahra and you can call me Diva. I was born at Bandung, 22 May 2001.
Because I was born in the month of May I also like to be called Mey-Mey by my grandfather. I lived in Bandung at Sriwijaya street number 23 A. My family consisting of Father, Mother, Me, My Sister and My brother. So, I was the oldest child in my family.

I was 15 years old and studying in 3 High School. Previously, I studied at 2 Junior High School. To get into 3 High School, I need a very big struggle. So I'm very thankful now I can learn at here.

Actually,I have a lot of  hobbies like drawing, reading, singing and listening to songs. But the most favorite hobby is drawing because we can describe our feelings.

My Favorite color is tosca because tosca is soft color and interesting to see. Then my favorite flower is rose because rose is very beautiful.

In junior high school I have three best friends. This is our photo.

In that picture there are Allya, Hasna and Frida. They are the best friend that is always there for me. 

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