Rabu, 28 September 2016

World Tournament and Techno Fest 2016

 This Saturday we did not learn sports. But we did  the World Tournament and Techno Fest 2016. This event was not only attended by the tenth grade but also the eleventh grade. While in the Bali Field we briefed how to play that we have to collect the puzzle as much as possible and to use english when speaking.

The first race we did was play station football game and unfortunately we lost ,grade 10-5 to grade 11- 5 with a score of 4-3. The winning class was got a piece of the puzzle. The next game takes place on the running track and in this place we were playing flappy bird games. I was very happy because in this games we had an opportunity to be a winner and get puzzle.The next place is to park on the Tongkeng Street. The mission that we have to do here is create a robot by utilizing scrap materials that exist within 5 minutes. But in this game we get a 
defeat. Our next destination is the Photos Garden on there we played the game by using a large image with circles of different colors. We sent Fian and Hilmy to play these games.

Our results turned out series so that each group get a puzzle. After resting and praying we get to 11-3 to playing play station games but this time it is grappling. Thank God we won the class puzzle in this game with the score 3-0.Last post is samyang challenge of eating very spicy noodles. But in this game 11th grade was won.

 After that we went back to Bali Field and we all must fight the aliens by throwing water balloons in order to get a puzzle. Our last mission was 32019 against 32018 remedy arrange puzzle. It turned out that 32019 was won thanks God that day is very happy.

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