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Learning From Nature

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Nature is the place where we live, do a variety of activities and daily need. As a human, we are part of nature. Without nature, we cannot live because nature does not need us but we need nature for live. You should think about what nature has given to us as a human.

Gambar terkait
Hasil gambar untuk moon and star

Look up! What you see up there? You see the sky right? In the sky there are various objects. In the morning you can see a sun. Think about what sun gives to us. It warms up in the early morning that so cold for us, dry a wet clothes , gives us a vitamin D for our health , makes any plants grow, shining world, produce energy for many things, and many more. The sky in the night, there are many star and one object that shining the world in the night, yes! It’s a moon. Can you imagine a night without them? The world would be very dark. I learned from them,   who always shinning us even in the dark night. I also learned from sun, which always gives warmth to everyone so, I want to be like sun.

Hasil gambar untuk tree
Now, see what all around you!. You can see  a tree? Think about what tree gives to us. It makes oxygen for our live but what we do for a tree? We actually cut it down without thinking about what would happen. Your house is also made of some wood right? I learn from tree, even it was often cut down with a human, it always protect us when it make into a house, protect us from rain, cold weather, hot weather, and wind there are always protect us. I learned from them, we as a human, we should protect our friend even if they often make us angry or sad. The roots never tired to find a water wherever where is that. I learn from it, we should not give up for search a knowledge. Tree always grows upwards. I learned from them, we must grow to be a better person. Although sometimes it has to shed it’s leaves, but it leaves never hated the wind. So we can learned from it too.
Hasil gambar untuk love nature

In suitable weather, some beautiful flowers will bloomn there. So we can learned from here, we must grow to be some person that everyone likes someone that better than before…

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